When you set a goal for yourself or figure out what your dream is, you might feel energized to go to work. You know you can do it; there’s no doubt about it. You only see possibilities. Oh, wait… Until you look closer. Because what happens when you follow that dream? How will you be making your money? How will you keep yourself motivated? How will your partner/friends/family fit into this new life you are going to live? Aaaand you’re blocked. Shit, this is going to be hard. And you lost the confident feeling you started with.

Stop. Stop thinking. Stop planning. Just DO it. Go and do it. Give yourself a few hours a day or a few days a week to just live that dream. The rest of your life can be the same and give you the stability you need to be able to make this switch in your mind. But those days you took for yourself to chase that dream, use them in the way you know you’ll love. Fuck about. Try to find what you enjoy most. Then, when you’ve done this for a couple of weeks, you’ll see that the things you didn’t know how to do are not that important. They’ll follow your good example. Opportunities will present themselves to fix what was unthinkable before.

If you feel like you can’t stop thinking about all those things you have to ‘keep in mind’, write them down. Somewhere, you know you’ll find them. Maybe even put them on your calendar, so you know you’ll bump into all those questions you had in the near future. This way, you can trust yourself to let go of all the ruminations and just do your thing. And try to have fun along the way.

A lot of writers have already struggled with these things and written amazing books about it. For example, check out ‘The Artist’s Way’, ‘Miracle Morning’, ‘The War of Art’, ‘Master Your Mindset’ etc etc. Dive in and go for it. For now, just let go of the how, focus on the what.