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Product: Bullet Journal MUS

I have been journaling for a long time now, in different shapes and sizes. Since a few months I’ve been consistently doing morning pages. You know? Those from ‘The Artists Way’? It’s amazing. I started these while I was in Italy but there I didn’t have access to great notebooks like here in The Netherlands. […]

Product: Vann 2 Litre Bottle

I have a few product categories I get way too passionate about and water bottles is one of them. If you have trouble drinking enough water during the day I recommend getting a HUGE bottle like this one from VANN. I got this one as a present. It’s on my desk. I put it under […]

Book: Miracle Morning

This is one of those books I re-read when it’s necessary. I love a great morning routine and it makes my day SO much better. When I loose it, I just re-read this book and I can just pick it up. If it’s too much for you, just cherry pick what works for you but […]

Book: DRUKS (Dutch)

A bit more chill book about ADHD. Just some personal experiences with discovering ADHD and everything it entails. It taught me a few things about ADHD that I didn’t know yet and a book full of recognizable stories.

Book: Finding Ultra

A book about Rich and how he found his way to unlimited strength and shows that everything is possible if you just want it bad enough. Well, maybe not everything, but a lot 😉

Book: I’m glad my mom died

In my personal and professional life I love to break through taboos. And this book does exactly that. She talks about loving her mom during her life but discovering that there was a lot wrong about their relationship. Also just a beautifully told story. Can’t say anything more about it without giving away the story. […]

App: App Block

I’ve used this app for years now and finally took the step to use the paid version. I have a lot of trouble with stopping when I started using an app and this app helps with it. At night and in the morning I block apps so I can begin and end my day with […]

Book: The fountain, find your place

For years, I had heard people discussing this book, but due to my tendency to avoid personal matters, I refrained from reading it. However, in the past year, I found a compelling reason to finally dive into its pages, and I’m grateful that I did. The book imparted a valuable lesson on placing my parents […]

Book: Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

This book, along with its sequels, were undeniably the most impactful reads of 2023. They profoundly altered my life, providing invaluable insights into my own insecurities and shedding light on my parents’ behavior. They offered a clear understanding of what’s considered normal and equipped me with some tools to navigate these aspects of life. I […]

Book: Everything That Remains

A wonderfully inspiring book if you want to look at minimalism from a different – and very realistic – perspective. I love the new insights that Ryan and Josh provide. They started as real career enthusiasts and found their way to minimalism.

Book: Spark Joy

If you’re already inspired to start organizing, take a look at “Spark Joy.” Marie Kondo was already well-known but has become even more famous through her Netflix series. While I’m not a huge fan of the Netflix series, I swear by the book. Her method is very well thought out and is incredibly accessible and […]

Book: Verlangen naar minder (Dutch)

Jelle has described a smoothly flowing story about his journey to minimalism in this book. A nice introduction for those interested in minimalism but don’t want to read only theory. You can finish this book in one go, and you’re immediately inspired to start decluttering.

Book: GRIP

Rick has summarized the most well-known productivity methods in this super Dutch, short, and clear book. In brief paragraphs, you’re told which steps you can take to gain more control over your life, starting with your schedule. A great way to reduce your stress levels.

Embrace your dramatic hormonal alter ego

Who the fuck is this dramatic person that sticks its head up every few days/weeks/months? It might be your hormonal alter ego. One of my friends calls it her Hulk. She gets so annoyed that the least bit of annoyance makes her explode. But you could actually embrace this little big Hulk. See her as […]

How to stop people pleasing

Those who know me are aware that I’ve always been someone who does whatever they want—or at least, that’s how it appeared. That’s also how it felt. But I’m discovering that throughout my entire life, I had one goal: to please the people around me, to do what was considered cool, or to impress someone. […]

What my ideal partner looks like

While writing my morning pages today, I began with the questions ‘What do I want? What do I think?’—prompts I’ve been using frequently lately. I’ll delve into the reasons for that on another day. However, today, without much thought, my focus shifted to what my ideal partner would be. Something i dont often think about […]

How to deal with second-hand embarrassment

I was walking with a family member, and he bumped into a colleague of his. He tried to have a short chat with him but didn’t get much feedback. When he held his fist up for a fist bump, he was left hanging. He patted him on the shoulder, and we walked away, him smiling […]

Making the same mistakes

Do you hear yourself defending your behaviors or shortcomings in all sorts of ways? Because I do. I used to do it all the time. I have ADHD, which is THE BEST excuse there is. And don’t get me wrong, I have ADHD , but most of the problems it causes have a solution. You […]

Why I stopped liking headspace

I have no idea why I get so passionate about disliking this app. I know it’s loved by many, but every time I try to use it I get frustrated and angry instead of peaceful and centered. And this is one-time thing after which I just gave up. I’ve tried using it dozens of times […]

I’m noticeably changing

The past three months have marked a remarkable transformation in my life. Change has always been a constant companion, a continuous ebb and flow. Sometimes going up and sometimes going down. When I used to tell people about not feeling alright, they often struggled to see the difference. To them, I seemed unchanged. But now, […]

Look at how great I am

Have you seen those videos where they explain what emotional labor is? Well, I finally learned what it is this past year. Yes, I’m 34 and had no idea what it was or what it entailed. To paint a picture, a year ago, when I just moved into my new apartment with a roommate after […]

I had a dream, but it didn’t work out

When you set a goal for yourself or figure out what your dream is, you might feel energized to go to work. You know you can do it; there’s no doubt about it. You only see possibilities. Oh, wait… Until you look closer. Because what happens when you follow that dream? How will you be […]

I finally learnt I could cook for people

I’ve never been a great cook. I’ve made my own dinner for about 18 years now, but I still fuck about in the kitchen. I just don’t really care for cooking. So when I became an au pair for a family with a busy and stressful life, I did everything to avoid having to cook. […]