I have been journaling for a long time now, in different shapes and sizes. Since a few months I’ve been consistently doing morning pages. You know? Those from ‘The Artists Way’? It’s amazing. I started these while I was in Italy but there I didn’t have access to great notebooks like here in The Netherlands. When I got back home I started my journey to find the perfect notebook for my morning pages. I think it’s important to have a great notebook so you’ll love picking it up in the morning. In my current collection I didn’t really have any big notebooks that I could write a lot in. Except this bullet journal. But of course I didn’t think I could use it as a notebook before because you ‘should’ bullet journal in a bullet journal. But no. I picked it up as my new notebook and yes. It was perfect. The lines are the perfect distance, I can right up to the margins and below and above which I like so I didn’t feel limited by the lines like I did in other notebooks. It seems a bit silly to be this passionate about notebooks but it’s the way it is and I love it. At this moment I’ve been writing in it 95% of the mornings since the 1st of November. It’s the 1st of Feb so I can journal in it for almost exactly 3 months. Perfect! So yes, as a notebook, just for notes, I recommend this bullet journal from MUS. I love it because it has a soft and flexible cover that I can fold and it feels great to hold. I love the yellowy pages and again, the distance of the dots. And of course the overall size. But see what you like, maybe it’s a different one. Maybe let me know which ones you use and why? My love for great notebooks hasn’t found it’s limit, so let me know!